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Headache Rack Assembly

Headache mounting assembly for PSE Amber® lightbars replaces standard mounting feet to provide greater flexibility for work light positioning


  • Tow
  • Warning

Unique Features

  • Fits on RX 2700™, 2100™, MX 7000™ and Excalibur® Lightbars
  • Work lights (rear) and takedowns (front) have 145 degrees of rotation on headache assembly
  • Work Lights and Takedowns Rotate from -10 degrees to 135 degrees

Standard Options

  • Perfect for D.O.T., Public Works, Construction and Tow Vehicles

General Specifications

  • Fits Vurtually Any Length Lightbar
  • Mounting Bracket Composed of Stainless Steel Contruction and Hardware
  • Standard 55W Bulbs in Work Lights and Takedowns

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