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Flash Max® Flashing Beacon Systems

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Flash Max alerts motorists to potential dangers with a combination of flashing lights, or beacons, and a static sign stating to tune their radio to a particular frequency for important announcements. Used in conjunction with Highway Advisory Radio (HAR) stations, Flash Max informs motorists of special conditions or emergencies on the roadway.

Flash Max can be a permanent or portable system. A permanent system allows you to notify motorists about traveler information, such as traffic delays or weather events. A portable system is a great companion for special events, work zones or temporary emergencies.

Flash Max systems are used on major interstates by departments of transportation, and at airports, amusement parks, military bases, even in construction areas. Motorists can tune to their radio several minutes before reaching an incident, make decisions about their route and prepare for adverse conditions ahead.


  • Allows you to notify the public 24/7
  • Beacons bring attention to an important message
  • Permanent or portable system
  • Remotely activate or deactivate beacons


  • Local road conditions, closures or delays
  • Poor visibility due to fog
  • Emergency response
  • Flooding
  • Temporary lane closures for maintenance or construction
  • Incident management
  • Local events such as parades, festivals or tourist attractions
  • Homeland security
  • Military and defense applications


  • Aluminum or polycarbonate construction
  • 8-inch or 12-inch beacons available
  • LED illumination (other types available by request)
  • AC or solar power
  • Automatic dimming photo cell reduces brightness at night
  • Flash rate MUTCD standard
  • Locking weatherproof enclosure
  • Controllers available for remotely turning on or off beacons
  • Tunnel or cap shield options for beacons


MC100 GSM Remotely controls beacons or extinguishable message signs using cellular IP service Multi-band GSM/GPRS digital cellular transceiver (CDMA optional) Controls both AC and solar powered flashing beacon systems and extinguishable signs
PC900 Pager Controls beacons or extinguishable message signs using a designated pager numberand touch tone control functionsA single pager account can be used to control up to 8 separate devices (available in most areas)
Devices may be activated or deactivated individually or in a group
FLEX Pager Controls beacons or extinguishable message signs using an alphanumeric paging network Local mode toggle switch provides capability of “Local On” mode or remote control mode of beacons “On” or “Off”
DC-8 Dial-up Activates or deactivates beacons or extinguishable message signs using a standard phone line Status of the controlled device can be determined from any touch tone (DTMF) phone 8-digit security code assures secure operation
RC200 Receiver Activates or deactivates beacons or extinguishable message signs using a highly sensitive AM receiver that constantly “listens” for the appropriate tones from a HAR Field programmable DTMF decoder Stainless steel whip antenna adjusts from 22 to 55 inches providing excellent reception
Fiber 600 Controls beacons or extinguishable message signs using a 10/100 Ethernet network, IP addressed, web controlled switch Access the controller using a web browser (password protected for security) Uses international standard IEC320 connections

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