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IntelliZone™ AdvanceWarn System



The AdvanceWarn System is a unique product utilizing technologies from all Quixote Transportation Technologies, Inc. (QTT) companies as well as products form U.S. Traffic Corporation. QTT has engineered one system that incorporates traffic monitoring sensors, Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS) that sense weather and pavement conditions, highway advisory radios and portable message signs. The AdvancWarn System allow you to receive a completely integrated advanced warning system from one company, QTT. The QTT system monitors current condition and informs monitors of hazardous weather and traffic problems.

Features and Benefits

  • One system developed, installed and serviced by one company
  • System allows traffic and weather information to be sent directly to motorist with no operator involvement
  • Real-time weather rand traffic data displayed on changeable message signs and transmitted through highway advisory radios
  • Fully integrated system
  • System is flexible and expandable to meet the changing needs of the customer
  • Intuitive graphical user interface simplifies use
  • 24/7/365 technical support
  • Can be integrated with existing RWIS network
  • Over 36 years experience in transportation safely

How It Works

The RWIS collects data from the traffic sensor, pavement sensors and atmospheric weather sensors. IntellizZone software analyzes the data and when conditions warrant, sends a message to highway advisory radios and portable message signs along the roadway. The highway advisory radios and portable message signs automatically update, in real time, to provide hazardous weather and traffic conditions to motorist. The system operates autonomously using decision matrixes and algorithms to determine proper messaging for the highway advisory radios and changeable message signs.

NTCIP Architecture

Scalable System configurations include range from one or two comp
Modular Modifications to one component do not affect other components
Flexible Devices from multiple manufactures can be incorporated without affecting core software
Robust Logging Features Data is stored fro easy retrieval, archiving and analysis

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