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Solar Max® Portable Highway Advisory Radio



Solar Max is a portable Highway Advisory Radio (HAR) system that keeps traffic flowing by broadcasting up-to-the-minute AM radio advisories to motorists. The portability of Solar Max allows for quick set-up - you can be "On the Air" in ten minutes or less! Solar power offers dependable service around the clock and during extended periods of inclement weather.

Solar Max informs motorists of conditions ahead, giving them enough time to merge or take alternate routes. Use Solar Max to assist in managing a construction site, a temporary incident, an inclement weather evacuation or a frequently congested traffic area. With a radio message you can relay significantly more information than with a message sign. Messages can be changed quickly and remotely should conditions vary. And when the job is finished, simply move Solar Max to your next project - it is as easy as hooking up a trailer!

Solar Max has the ability to save messages for years with no external power source. That means no fuel, no landline utilities, no noise, no maintenance and no lost messages. Even in outdoor storage, Solar Max is charging the batteries so you can be set up and on the air in minutes.


  • AM radio is standard in nearly all vehicles
  • Allows you to inform the public 24/7
  • Mobile - use the system when and where you need it
  • Easy to operate
  • Quickly deploy one or more sites


  • Severe weather notifications
  • Local road conditions, closures or delays
  • Emergency evacuations
  • Temporary lane closures for maintenance or construction
  • Incident management
  • Local events such as parades, festivals or tourist attractions
  • Homeland security
  • Military or defense applications


  • Simple and quick to assemble, deploy and disassemble
  • Broadcasts messages to motorists in a three to five mile radius
  • Robust design, including built-in lightning suppression
  • Meets all FCC rules and regulations
  • Weather-resistant and theft-deterrent enclosures
  • Portable ground system
  • On-board digital recorder preserves audio messages with no external power source
  • Solar powered
  • Power is stored in high-performance batteries
  • Can be integrated with variable or portable message signs

Key Specifications

Power 120 watt solar panels
200 amp batteries
HAR Access/Control Local handset or remote control from any touch tone phone
Digital Recorder Player 80 minutes of messaging memory
Transmitter 10 watt transmitter
Approved FCC part 90.242
Adjustable power output
Recieves GPS input for sychronization
Gross Weight of Trailer 1400 to 1600 pounds (635 to 726 kilograms)
Environmental Temperature -40ºF to +185ºF (-40ºC to +85ºC)
Dimensions 6 feet x 14 feet (including tongue) (1.8 meters x 4.3 meters)

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