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Brakemaster® 350



The Brakemaster 350 is the quick and easy solution for shielding dangerous guardrail ends at wide median and roadside sites with adequate clear zones. It provides superior bi-directional protection and DOES NOT REQUIRE A CONCRETE ANCHOR OR PAD, making it fast and easy to install. The Brakemaster 350 is available at a VERY COMPETITIVE PRICE. Plus additional cost savings are realized because of reduced installation time.

Satisfies NCHRP 350, Test Levels 1, 2 & 3

The Brakemaster System successfully meets NCHRP 350, Test Level 3 as a redirective gating end treatment. The system’s unique design consists of a framework of w-beam steel guardrail panels which move rearward during head-on impacts. The system also safely redirects vehicles in side impacts. As a gating system, it requires sufficient clear zone behind the system.

Features and Benefits

  • Meets NCHRP 350, Test Level 3 as a redirective, gating guardrail end treatment.
  • Easy installation requires only two anchor foundation tubes (compared to six tubes for competitive systems).
  • Metal diaphragm posts rest on “slip bases” that set right on the ground — no wood post holes to dig!
  • Absolutely no concrete is required.
  • All replacement components are above ground for fast replacement after impact — no wood posts to remove!

FHWA Guidelines on Gating

The FHWA recommends that gating end terminals have a minimum clear zone of 22.5 x 6 meters (75 x 20 feet). This area should be clear of trees, poles, drop-offs, oncoming vehicle traffic and other hazards that a vehicle might encounter when it gates behind the terminal after an angle impact at or near the nose of the system, and attempts to recover. It is extremely important to consider clear zone requirements when selecting an end treatment for guardrail applications. Typically an end treatment for median applications requires bi-directional capability utilizing double-faced guardrail. Narrow medians should always be protected with non-gating end treatments.


Length 9601 mm (31'6")
Height 686 mm (27")
Width 635 mm (25")
Weight 920 kg (2025 lb)

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