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Cushion Wall® System



The CushionWall II System is a unique solution for high-frequency lateral impact areas, such as severe highway curves. This energy absorbing, longitudinal wall gradually dissipates the kinetic energy of an errant vehicle during a lateral impact, and safely redirects it back onto the roadway at a shallow angle. This cushioning reduces the severity of the impact and helps the driver maintain control of the vehicle, which reduces the risk of secondary accidents. The CushionWall II System consists of a series of interconnected “smart plastic” cylinders that can be customized to fit each specific application. The series of cylinders fits behind a concrete transition from the hazard. During an impact, the reusable “smart plastic” cylinders compress to maximize energy absorption. These “smart plastic” cylinders are made from high molecular weight, high density polyethylene (HMW/HDPE). After a design lateral impact, the cylinders regain a high percentage of their original shape without maintenance or repair.

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for high-frequency lateral impact areas
  • Self-restoring and reusable with no replacement parts typically required after design impacts.
  • Custom designed to meet the specific needs of each application.
  • Energy-absorbing design reduces severity of impact and redirects errant vehicles at a shallow exit angle .
  • Low maintenance costs.

Easy Installation

Given the compact and simple design, installing the CushionWall is quick and easy. Each hazard must first be fitted with a tapered transition made from concrete before the system is installed. The “smart plastic” cylinders are held together with a series of brackets that are bolted from each side of the interconnected cylinders. The entire series is then anchored directly to the concrete wall of the hazard, creating a permanent bond to the site and to the custom made concrete transition. Can also be attached to existing New Jersey Wall provided the wall is structurally sound and properly anchored.


Given the durability of the high density polyethylene (HMW/HDPE) cylinders, CushionWall is designed to withstand a number of impacts without the need for major repairs or parts. It self restores up to a high percentage of its original shape after a typical design lateral impact. This durability greatly reduces the time that work crews are exposed to traffic and dangerous sites. It also keeps maintenance and refurbishment costs low.

Lifesaving Crash Performance

The CushionWall safely dissipates the collision energy of impacting vehicles weighing up to 2,000 kg (4,500 lbs), traveling at speeds up to 73 km/h (45 mph) and impacting at angles as high as 20 degrees.


Depth 610 mm (24 inches)
Height 1.22 m (48 inches)
Length Length of hazard
(fully customizable) Transition Length as required by site

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