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Easi-Cell™ System



The EASI-cell™ cluster system is a unique crash cushion solution that provides multi-angle impact protection for hazards in low-speed locations. EASI-cell™ is ideal for highfrequency impact sites, such as toll booths, utility poles, railroad crossing signals, traffic lights and many more.

EASI-cell features a series of interconnected “smart plastic” cylinders, made from high molecular weight, high density polyethylene (HMW/HDPE), that can be customized to fit specific applications. The series of cylinders fits against the hazard or a concrete transition from the hazard. During an impact, the reusable “smart plastic” cylinders compress to maximize energy absorption. After a lateral design impact, the cylinders typically regain a high percentage of their original shape and design capacity without maintenance or repair. This cushioning reduces the severity of the impact and helps the driver keep control of the vehicle.

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for high-frequency head-on or lateral impact areas.
  • Self-restoring after design lateral impacts-reusable with no replacement parts typically required after many impacts.
  • Custom designed to meet the specific needs of each application
  • Energy-absorbing design reduces severity of impact
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Excellent durability yields outstanding lifecycle costs

Minimal Maintenance and Refurbishment

Given the durability of the high density polyethylene (HMW/HDPE) reduces the time work crews are exposed to traffic and dangerous sites. It also keeps maintenance and refurbishment costs low.

Easy to Install

EASI-cell’s compact and simple design make installation quick cylinders, EASI-cell is designed to withstand a number of impacts and easy. The EASI-cell system anchors directly to the hazard, without the need for major repairs or parts replenishment. It is to a concrete transition in front of the hazard, or to a rigid steel selfrestoring after a typical design impact. This durability greatly backup structure.

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