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QuadGuard® High-Speed System



The QuadGuard HS System has raised the bar in high-speed crash cushion performance by passing the NCHRP 350, TL-3 test matrix for redirective, non-gating crash cushions at the demanding design speed of 113 km/h (70 mph). The system features revolutionary space-frame diaphragms that allow it to provide high-speed impact protection for a wide range of vehicles, from small cars to high­center-of-gravity pickup trucks. The QuadGuard HS System is the only crash cushion in the world tested to satisfy the stringent FHWA requirements based on NCHRP 350 criteria. During head-on impacts at speeds up to 113 km/h (70 mph), the QuadGuard HS System telescopes, effectively dissipating the energy of both light cars and high-center-of-gravity pickup trucks. During impacts at angles up to 20 degrees, the system redirects the impacting vehicle back into its original travel path.

Features and Benefits

  • Tested using NCHRP 350 criteria at 113 km/h (70 mph).
  • Shields hazards up to 914 mm (3'0") wide.
  • Majority of components are interchangeable with standard QuadGuard® System.
  • Provides 60-70% reusability after design impact.

Meets NCHRP 350 Criteria at 113 KM/H

  • Test 30 820C Small Car, 0°,offset w/4, Nose - Waived
  • Test 31 2000P Pickup, 0°, Nose - Passed
  • Test 32 820C Small Car, 15°, Nose - Passed
  • Test 33 2000P Pickup, 15°, Nose - Passed
  • Test 36 820C Small Car, 15°, CLIP - Passed
  • Test 37 2000P Pickup, 20°, CLIP - Passed
  • Test 38 2000P Pickup, 20°, CLIP - Passed
  • Test 39 2000P Pickup, 20°, Reverse Impact - Passed

Addresses a Wide Range of Vehicles

The Space-Frame Diaphragms allow the QuadGuard HS System to address both 820 kg (1800 lb) cars and high-center-ofgravity 2000 kg(4400 lb) pickup trucks during high-speed impacts. These Space-Frame Diaphragms are used in the first three bays of the system, which do not contain a cartridge.


Minimum Width at Backup 610.0 mm (2’)
Maximum Width at Backup 914 mm (3’)
Length (typical 6-bay unit) 9.5 m (31’)

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