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React 350® Wide System



The REACT 350 Wide Systems are redirective, non-gating crash cushion that meets NCHRP 350, Test Level 3. They features “smart plastic” cylinders made of high molecular weight, high-density polyethylene
(HMW/HDPE) plastic that are arranged to shield rigid hazards with three system widths of 1.525 m (60”), 2.440 m (96”) and 2.050 m (120”). When impacted within the design capacity specified in NCHRP
350, the cylinders typically regain up to 90% of their original shape and capacity without maintenance or repair of major components.

Meets NCHRP 350, Test Level 3

The REACT 350 Wide Systems meet NCHRP 350, Test Level 3 criteria as a redirective, non-gating crash cushion. During a head-on impact, at speeds up to 62 mph, the cylinders compress to absorb the energy of impact and bring the vehicle to a controlled stop. During side angle impacts up to 20 degrees, the REACT 350 Wide Systems redirect the errant vehicle back onto the roadway at a shallow angle. This
redirection is the result of internal struts within the cylinders (except the nose).

Features and Benefits

  • Self-restoring and reusable after most impacts
  • Able to withstand a number of impacts without the need for major repairs or parts
  • Minimal maintenance and refurbishment – spare parts typically not required
  • Low lifecycle cost in comparison to disposable systems

Minimal Maintenance and Refurbishment

After a typical design impact, the REACT 350 Wide System can be quickly restored by simply over pulling the system out and replacing the shear bolt. Spare parts are typically not required. Limited exposure to traffic provides for optimum safety for maintenance workers. Very high reusability allows for exceptional life cycle savings. The REACT 350 Wide System is available with a steel backup or a concrete-mounted backup. The concrete-mounted backup allows the unit to be attached directly to an existing or new concrete backup at the site. The steel backup allows the system to be placed at sites where a stand alone system is required. The REACT 350 Wide system of a width of 1.525/2.440/3.050 m (60/96/120”) width consists of 27/29/29 cylinders
arranged in 14/15/15 Rows for Test Level 3 conditions.


60 Inch TL-3 Self-Contained Backup Concrete-Mounted Backup
Width at Backup 1.5 m (60") 1.5 m (60")
Length 9.4 m (30'10") 9.2 m (30'7")
96 Inch TL-3 Self-Contained Backup Concrete-Mounted Backup
Width at Backup 2.4 m (96") 2.4 (96")
Length 10.6 m (34'9") 10.6 m (34'9")
120 Inch TL-3 Self-Contained Backup Concrete-Mounted Backup
Width at Backup 3.1 m (120") 3.1 m (120")
Length 10.3 m (33'10") 10.3 m (33'10")

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