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Signs and Posts

Enterprise offers a full range of Regulatory, Warming and Guide Signs. All signs are FHWA approved and custom signs can be provided on request. Check out our Special Sign Installation Work Sheet under
Company Services.



Single Breakaway Anchor: A single breakaway anchor system allows work crews to perform around installations and rapid replacement of signposts after vehicle impact. When installing the system, the anchor should be one size larger than the signpost and driven using an appropriate size drive cap. All anchors should be driven into the ground leaving 1 to 2 holes exposed for signpost connection. Two Piece Breakaway Anchor: High impact installations require constant replacement of damaged posts and anchors. An additional 18" outer sleeve, one size larger than the anchor , is used to double the anchor wall thickness at the critical bending area. This system will provide quick replacement of damaged signposts without the need to reinstall a new anchor into the ground.

Direct Embedded: Signposts can be driven directly into the ground without anchoring sections, using a drive cap with sledge or power equipment.


U-Channel Posts

  • U-Channel Posts are available in 5 lengths (4', 6', 8', 10' and 12') by 1-17/32" wide.
  • Posts are available in either Green Enamel or Galvanized Steel finishes.
  • Mount any parking or traffic on these U-Channel posts using 2 Bolts or NCHRP 350 approved breakaway hardware.
  • Post holes measure 3/8''..

Call us to get information on mounting accessories page for bolts and other mounting Hardware.


Post caps

Easiy slips over post and protects the end of the post during installation.


Manual Post Driver


Street Name Blades

Whether you want one sign as a gift or a thousand signs for your city, we can manufacture a wide variety of street name signs to meet your needs. We use high quality 3M materials and time tested manufacturing m ethods to create street signs that will last for many years.

  • Flat Blades - Flat blades for street name signs are usually .080 or .125 gauge aluminum. Flat street name signs are great for gifts or signs that are mounted directly to a post or structure.
  • Extruded Blades (Dog Bone) - Extruded .090 gauge blades reinforced at the top and bottom of the sign blades with 1", .125 gauge extrusion. Extruded blades are much sturdier than flat blades.
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