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Eflare LED Flare - Flashing/Warning Beacon

Eflare LED Flares are a safe and effective alternative to pyrotechnic and chemical flares. The Eflare EF400 is a non-strobe, versatile and portable LED flare used in the consumer market and for non-hazardous applications. The Eflare EF400 is offered in two bright clear colors, red and amber. The Eflare EF400 costs only 2 cents an hour to run and operates on only two (2) alkaline D-cell batteries that have a life of up to 80 hours. Eflare's shatterproof 360º polycarbonate lens ensures maximum clarity and shock resistance which is maximized by an impact resistant ABS body. Other attributes consist of visibility to 1 kilometer (.62 mile), precision O-rings to ensure the beacon is waterproof and dustproof, advanced battery protection to protect circuits and batteries from shock, high strength clips to attach to to cones, signs , belts or vehicle windows. May be purchased with a minimum of five at a time.

  • 4 LED Bulbs (2 Each Side of Circuit Board)
  • Beam Brightness of 15,000 - 25,000 Millicandela
  • Maximum Beam Conspicuity Between Horizontal and 10º Above Horizontal
  • Flash Rate of 120 Flashes Per Minute
  • 2-Alkaline D Cell Batteries to Power (not included)
  • 8.0 inches high
  • 1.00 lb. including batteries

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