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Highway Advisory Radio



Solar Max is a portable Highway Advisory Radio(HAR) system that keeps traffic flowing by broadcasting up- to- the -minute AM radio advisories to motorists. The portability of Solar Max allows for quick set up -you can be "On the Air" in ten minutes or less!
Solar power offers dependable service around the clock and during extended periods of inclement weather.

Solar Max informs motorists of conditions ahead, giving them enough time to merge or take alternate routes. Use Solar Max to assist in managing a construction site, a temporary incident, and inclement weather evacuation or a frequently congested traffic area. With a radio message you can relay significantly more information than with a message sign. Messages can be changed quickly and remotely should conditions vary. And when the job is finished, simply move Solar Max to your next project - it is as easy as hooking up a trailer!

Solar Max has the ability to save messages for years with no external power source. That means no fuel, no landline utilities, no noise, no maintenance and no lost messages. Even in outdoor storage, Solar Max is charging the batteries so you can be set up and on the air in minutes.