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Water Filled Triton Barrier


The Triton Barrier® is a highly portable water -filled barrier that is ideal for use where time and space are limited. It consists of a number of interlocking, 2m(6.5 ft) barrier sections made of polyethylene plastic and internal steel framework. The Triton Barrier's performance exceeds NCHRP TL-2, 70 km/h(45 mph). The FHWA has issued a letter accepting that the Triton Barrier's performance exceeds NCHRP 350, Test Level 2 criteria and can be considered for 100 km/h(62 mph) applications at angles up to 15 degrees for passenger vehicles and lightweight pickup trucks.

Certified as Own End Treatment

The Triton Barrier is certified as its own end treatment, saving deployment time and hardware expenses. The last ten sections of the Triton Barrier, when oriented properly in relation to traffic and according to the end treatment instructions provided by energy Absorption Systems, serve as the crashworthy end treatment for this barrier system.


Meets NCHRP 350 criteria for a 70 km/h(43 mph) water-filled longitudinal workzone barriers.


Easily upgradeable to NCHRP 350 TL-3.

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