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Sentry Radar Speed Display Sign



SPEEDsentry® is the ideal radar speed display for anywhere traffic calming is essential. Whether you need to clear complaints, increase public awareness or simply broaden your impact, you’ll get better results with a SPEEDsentry because its unmatched simplicity and convenience mean you’ll use it more often.

Features and Benefits

  • Flexibility: Mount it almost anywhere; pole, trailer or vehicle. With 12”, 15” or 18” digits, there is a sign to fit your road.
  • Simple to Program: Both the wireless PDA and onboard buttons are easy to understand.
    Powerful Data: Easily download and review the days and times you want in the speed bins you choose. Reports are practical and easy to follow.
  • Multiple Power Sources: Battery, solar assist or AC.
  • Durable & Tamperproof: Powdercoated, welded aluminum enclosure and a shatterproof Lexan shield protect the display. Plus, torx screws prevent unwanted access.

High Intensity LEDs

These autodimming 30° LEDs combine with glare-resistant, UV-protected Lexan to increase contrast and digit visibility.

Shatterproof 1/4” UV Stabilized Lexan

The flexible, nearly indestructible polycarbonate absorbs energy, reducing the likelihood of damage upon impact.

Stealth Mode

Turn off the digits and remove the “Your Speed” sign, and this unobtrusive box will collect true, unaffected traffic patterns, before or after your traffic calming efforts.

Violator Strobe

Grab driver attention to increase the sign’s effectiveness. Whether it looks like a camera flash or simply draws attention to a motorist’s speed, strobes can increase overall effectiveness by up to 30 percent.

Wireless Management

Without leaving the vehicle or touching the sign:

  • program settings
  • adjust radar
  • check battery
  • download data


All removable features are contained within the pocket of the locked enclosure, so only the tamper-resistant end of the mounting hardware is exposed.

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