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Rubber Curb Extensions



The Traffic Logix SuperFlex Curb can be used to create a variety of horizontal traffic calming measures such as roundabouts, chicanes, neckdowns and chokers.

Features and Benefits


Traffic Logix SuperFlex curbing is made from flexible virgin rubber. Rubber is lighter and easier to work with than asphalt and concrete, significantly minimizing the number of hours that need to be invested to install the solutions. Rubber pieces can be pulled up and moved without being destroyed. This is convenient for municipalities that want to institute temporary measures to test an area and is also a safety measure so that products can be stored during the winter to prevent snow plow damage. Unlike concrete and asphalt which necessitate frequent and high cost replacement, rubber products are long lasting and cost-efficient. In addition to long term benefits, rubber products offer a quick, easy way to install solutions when timing is key.

Easy installation

Traffic Logix Curb Extensions/Medians are simple to install. The curb is made so that it can be removed and relocated to an alternate street when needed. This feature is beneficial when a municipality would like to test a number of streets and measure the product’s effectiveness under different circumstances.

Reflective Tape

Traffic Logix uses a highly reflective tape on its rubber curbing. This tape is a safety feature to ensure that drivers can clearly see the curb both during the daytime and at night. Traffic Logix uses this tape on its products instead of paint since paint often fades away within months and the reflective tape can last for several years. Tape is available in several color choices. Highly reflective cat's eyes can be installed on any device for further enhanced visibility.

Environmentally Friendly Design

Traffic Logix Curb Extensions/Medians are made from recycled rubber tires. This ensures that while products address community health and safety needs, they are also friendly to the environment.

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