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Sentry Shield Radar Speed Display Sign



SPEEDsentry® Shield is the ideal radar speed sign when portability is paramount. You’ll get better results because you’ll use it more often, in more places.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact: Weighing only 15 lbs including battery, you can fit several Shields in the passenger seat and mount them almost anywhere—pole, trailer or vehicle. The entire display fits safely inside a padded carrying bag.
  • Extended Battery Life: Lithium ion batteries provide longer life in a smaller package. Achieve up to two weeks of running time between charges depending on road conditions and sign settings. Choose solar assist or AC supply for more permanent installations.
  • Durable & Tamperproof: The Shield’s welded aluminum enclosure, shatterproof shield, impact-absorbing corners and graffiti-resistant powder-coat make it even tougher than our regular SPEEDsentry®. Torx screws prevent unwanted access.

Simple to Program

Both the wireless PDA and onboard buttons are easy to understand.

10 Second Install

Quickly attach or remove your sign from a mounting plate for unsurpassed simplicity. (Mount multiple plates around town to simplify moving your signs.)

Stealth Mode

Turn off the digits and remove the “Your Speed” sign, and this unobtrusive box will collect true, unaffected traffic patterns, before or after your traffic calming efforts.

Basic Button Control

Turn the sign on/off, toggle between “stealth” and “display on” mode and set the speed limit without the need for the PDA.

Shatterproof 1/4” UV Stabilized Lexan

The flexible, nearly indestructible polycarbonate absorbs energy, reducing the likelihood of
damage upon impact.

High Intensity LEDs

These autodimming 30° LEDs combine with glare-resistant, UV-protected Lexan to increase the contrast and digit visibility.

Curb Appeal

  • The thin profile provides an attractiveinstallation without auxiliary enclosures.
  • Any additional battery cabinet attaches directly to the back of the display.

Wireless Management

Without leaving the vehicle or touching the sign:

  • program settings
  • adjust radar
  • check battery
  • download data

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