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FP 2000®



Knowing the condition of the pavement results in more proactive and efficient operations. Scheduling winter storm crews, construction projects or pavement resurfacing is easier if you know the current conditions. The FP 2000 passive surface sensor monitors pavement conditions on roadways and runways and determines if water or a chemical solution is on the pavement.

The FP 2000 is durable, reliable and constructed to withstand heavy traffic, tire chains, snowplows and extreme weather conditions. The in-pavement sensor utilizes patented technology consisting of a combination of temperature, capacitance and two sets of four-point sensing nodes to measure pavement conditions. A well on top of the sensor collects moisture and chemical information.


  • Most accurate way to measure pavement temperature
  • Sensors can be placed at key locations
  • Cost-effective for maintenance operations by reducing labor operating costs and chemical usage


  • Remote locations
  • Bridge decks
  • Problem areas
  • Gather data for anti-icing operations and pavement forecasts


  • Passive sensor with no maintenance requirements
  • Uses two sets of four-point sensing nodes
  • Durable electrodes withstand tire compression, chains and temperature fluctuations
  • Flush mounting unaffected by traffic and snowplows
  • Operates at cable lengths up to 5000 feet (1524 meters)
  • Durable construction, reliable and long-lasting

Key Specifications

Surface Temperature Range -51°C to + 80°C
Depth of Solution 0.03 centimeters to 1.27 centimeters
Operation Temperature Range -40°C to +80°C
Cable Length 46,91 or 152 meters with QTT Type IIA; 1524 meters with splice
Mean Time Between Failures 40,000 hours
CE Compliant Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive EN-61326 - 1:2006
Section 6 - Immunity Requirements, Table 2
Section 7 - Emissions Requirements, Class A limit

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