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The optic-Q is a non-intrusive pavement condition sensor designed to detect ice, snow, or water on the roadway. The sensor utilizes an electro-optical sensor to detect pavement condition without having to install a sensor in the roadway surface. The optic-Q sensor is contained within a weather-proof, durable housing to protect it from harsh weather elements, which allows it to provide accurate readings during any weather condition.

The optic-Q benefits maintenance personnel by warning them immediately when snow or ice begins to form, and allows appropriate action to be taken before roads become hazardous. The optic-Q is an excellent alternative in locations where invasive sensors cannot or do not want to be used. With no lane closures or cutting of the roadway required, installation is safe and easy.

Additionally, maintenance requirements are low, making the optic-Q an affordable option for road weather systems. The sensor can be mounted on an existing road weather station or other structure where a clear, unobstructed view of the pavement is available.


  • Detects formation of snow and ice on the pavement surface
  • Remotely senses condition of pavement surface
  • Non-intrusive results in quick and easy installations
  • Affordable solution for sensing road weather
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Use with existing RWIS network


  • Remote locations
  • Bridge decks
  • Problem areas
  • Roadway configurations that include sharp corners


  • Remote surface sensing of ice, snow, wet, damp and dry
  • Multiple wavelengths have the capability to detect black ice and slush
  • Insensitive to liquid deicing chemicals
  • Infrared detector with up to 50 feet (15.24 meter) range
  • Easy to install with no lane closures required
  • Rugged design to withstand and measure conditions in all types of weather
  • Wiper/washer to keep lens clean
  • Window heater
  • Interfaces with SSI® Linux RWIS platforms

Key Specifications

Model Number PCQ-2400
Surface Condition Data Output Ice; snow; wet; damp; dry
Range 50 feet (15.24 meters)
Measuring Area Diameter 36 inches at 50 feet (91.44 centimeters at 15.24 meters)
Elevation Angle 30° to 90°
Power Input 12 VDC and 24 VAC
Maximum Power 66 watts
Operating Temperature -40ºF to +150ºF (-40ºC to +65.5°C)
Sensitivity ±1°F (±0.56°C)
Surface Concrete or asphalt (factory selectable)
Communication RS-485 serial link (optional RS-232 or RJ45)
Mean Time Between Failures 1.5 x 106 hours
Safety Eye safe class 1 laser
Diagnostics Start up BIT once digital test signal input

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