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Weather affects all modes of transportation, and Road / Runway Weather Information System (RWIS) technology provides vital information on pavement and weather conditions needed for both highway and airport maintenance operations. RWIS enables maintenance and operations personnel to monitor changing weather conditions in real time and make informed and timely decisions.

An RWIS system can consist of multiple sites, each containing a suite of sensors that gather weather and pavement data and then report to a central location where authorized personnel can view the information. SSI RWIS stations collect atmospheric, pavement surface, sub-surface and video data remotely to provide the most accurate pavement specific weather information available.


  • Increases safety on roadways and runways
  • Removes guesswork about the status of road conditions
  • Reduces chemical usage and labor costs
  • Critical tool when performing anti-icing
  • Necessary data for Maintenance Decision Support System (MDSS)
  • Benefit/cost ratios of approximately 5:1 (SHRP-H207)
  • Level of service improvement approximately 20% (SHRP-H207)
  • Provides data for pavement weather forecasts


  • Departments of Transportation/Ministries of Transportation
  • City, County, and Township street maintenance departments
  • Airports
  • Remote locations or problem areas
  • Year-round applications
  • Areas with sparse information
  • Bridges, overpasses, and roadways


  • Remote monitoring of atmospheric, pavement weather, and traffic conditions
  • NTCIP compliant
  • Non-intrusive pavement sensors
  • Passive and active in-pavement sensors
  • Full range of atmospheric sensors, including air temperature, wind, dew point, etc.
  • Rugged design to withstand harsh weather/climate conditions
  • Three platform options to fit your needs and budget
  • Precipitation and visibility detection
  • Integrates with additional weather sensors and ITS equipment

RWIS Platforms

RWIS elite

  • Full-feature weather station capable of sensing a variety of road weather conditions and gathering traffic data
  • Supports all QTT sensors and devices
  • Capable of supporting cameras (PTZ, Fixed Zoom), sub-surface temperature probes, snow level and stream level sensors,and many other roadside ITS technologies
  • Provides device control by managing a multitude of companion devices, such as automated sprayers and weather detection
  • Ability to activate external systems such as bridge sprayers,VMS, and flashing beacons

RWIS advanced

  • Standard weather station with road sensing capabilities; easily upgradeable to RWIS elite
  • Supports most atmospheric sensors as well as pavement temperature and condition sensors
  • Supports a limited range of additional devices such as basic fixed cameras, sub-surface temperature probes, snow level sensors, and wireless traffic sensors
  • Provides weather data to assist with winter and summer maintenance decisions; perfect station for future expansion

RWIS companion

  • Simple weather station perfect for smaller agencies with limited budgets, or for adding sites to fill in the gaps of a large RWIS network
  • Provides basic data collection from most atmospheric sensors and supports pavement temperature and condition sensors
  • Cost-effective solution for smaller budgets, or ideal for large agencies to increase their current RWIS network

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