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The Sensit is an active and passive pavement sensor combined; it measures current road surface temperature, the freeze point of any liquid on the road surface and determines whether the road is wet or dry. The Sensit uses active sensor technology, which means it cools the liquid on the pavement to determine the freeze point. This method is carried out independent of chemical type or mixture on the pavement.

The Sensit's removable lid allows for easy access to all electronics and sensing components, making upgrading or replacing sensing components quick and easy. This approach allows for lower long-term maintenance costs.

The Sensit provides data for successful road weather management, and is even designed to integrate with RWIS or fixed anti-icing spray systems.


  • In-pavement sensor accurately measures pavement temperature
  • Chemical type or mixture on pavement does not affect freeze point measurement
  • Sensors can be placed at key locations
  • Integrates with RWIS or fixed anti-icing spray systems
  • Cost-effective for maintenance operations by reducing labor operating costs and chemical usage


  • Remote locations
  • Bridge decks
  • Problem areas
  • Runways and/or taxiways
  • Gather data for anti-icing operations and pavement forecasts
  • Fixed anti-icing spray systems


  • Freeze detection algorithm used to detect true freeze point of moisture sample
  • Works with almost any deicing chemical or mixture of chemicals
  • Flush mounting unaffected by traffic and snowplows
  • Durable construction, reliable and long-lasting
  • On-board microprocessor
  • Maximum wired distance from data source is 950 fee (290 meters)
  • Removable lid for easy maintenance or recovering electronics during road resurfacing

Key Specifications

Components Pettier junction
Collection cup temperature sensor
Surface temperature probe
Electrical conductance pins
Operating Range Specifications Freeze point: -4°F to +33°F (-20°C to +0.5°C)
Surface temperature: -67°F to + 185°F (-55°C to +85°C)
Communication RS-485
Maximum Distance from Data Source 950 feet (290 meters)
Sensor Power (150 foot cable) 18 volts to 28 volts
Current = 0.5 amp at 28 volts
Operating Temperature Range -40°F to + 185°F (-40°C to + 85°C)
CE Compliant EN-55011:2003 Class A; EN-61000-3-2:2000; EN-61000-3-3:2001; EN-61000-4-2:2003; EN-6100-4-3:2004; EN-6100-4-4:2004; EN-6100-4-5:2004; EN-6100-4-6:2003; EN-6100-4-8:2001; EN-61000-4-11:2004

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