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Barricades and Lights


NCHRP-350 Approved Type III plastic barricade with a break-away feature!


ANCHOR™ Type III plastic barricade system

Plastic Safety Systems, Inc. is pleased to introduce the ANCHOR™, an all new Type-III barricade ballast. The ANCHOR is made of U.V. stabilized polyethylene and features an oversized sand-fill hole for quick and easy internal ballasting. Each unit also contains an ergonomic handle molded in for easy set-up and take-down.


Plastic Barricade Center Boards

These boards will fit onto and into virtually any type I, II, or III barricade on the market.


Type A Flashing and Type C Steady Burn Warning Lights

  • Our all-new line of Type A, C and 3-way, 3volt high efficiency lights.
  • Features completely redesigned rugged and durable co-polymer case with breakaway internal candle.
  • Servicing is made easy with a snap-lock case and vertically positioned batteries.
  • The “D” cell batteries simply drop into to the light base and the case is ready to be snap-lock closed.

Type B Hi-Intensity Flashing Lights

Model 212-3LW is a 3 volt system that can operate on two to four D-Cell batteries. It will project an adequate signal for over 60 days on two D-Cell Alkaline Batteries and over 120 days with four D-Cell Alkaline Batteries

  • Lightweight High Intensity Lights
  • Acceptable Device for NCHRP-350 (see WZ-54)
  • Operates on D-Cell Batteries
  • Tested to MUTCD and I.T.E. standards by an approved certified laboratory
  • Polycarbonate lenses and High Impact Polypropylene housing
  • Alerts Drivers to Work Zone activity by fulfilling a need to inform motorists of workers present both at night and day times
  • Commands attention--unique output conveys a clear simple attention message which is explained in the wording of the sign.
  • New optically designed lens helps to give adequate notice to the motorist down stream, long before the Work Area is reached
  • Helps to reduce rear end collisions in Work Zone

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