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JBC Road Cones

The new JBC Road Cones are a high quality, innovative, cost effective US Patented Product. The Circle Interlocking System & Leveling differential mechanism is going to be your bestchoice when quality matters!

Same PVC Injection Molding Technology

As we continue using the Premium GradePVC Injection molding Technology, this process produces themost durable traffic cones in the US market today. Our new patented process creates the best of two worlds - High Quality products, at a verycompetitive price. You will be very surprisedwith the workmanship on our JBC Road Cones.

From the disgram on the right (1.1) you cansee that there is more to our design thatmeets the eye. We call this the Leveling differential mechanism, We have strategically placed the holes and cavityinside the base on a different vertical line to provide a stronger mechanism foundation that allow the JBC Road Cones to absorb huge amounts of force from impactswithout causing damages.

We have tested our JBC Road Cones by running it over via full 48’ semi (80,000lbs).

3M 3840 Hi-Intensity Cone collar

To match the quality of the JBC Road Cones, we endorse 3M 3840Hi-Intensity reflective cone collars.

By Pre-applying 3M 3840 Cone Collars onall JBC Night Cones , we are able toprovide our customers with the ultimatedurability and superior night-time safety.

Circle Interlocking System (CIS)

This is the US Patented design by JBC. This system allows JBC to make a two piece conework as ONE. We first produce the PVC Base in a separate mold. Once complete, weinsert the base into the full PVC Cone mold, and inject Fluorescent Premium PVC intothe full mold. The PVC then fills the base
and conical areas are then interlocks as one piece.

As you can see from the picture above, thebase are interlocked by the PVC conicalsection. You will have to break all of the joints both from the TOP & Bottom (Leveling Differential) in order to damage the cone. This will be your best choice in 2005!

Available Size:

  • RS70032C (28” 7lbs Wide Body)
  • RS70032CT (28” 7lbs Recessed Body)
  • RS70045S (28” 10lbs Slim Body)
  • RS70045CT (28” 10bs Wide Body)
  • RS90050C (36” 10lbs Wide Body)
  • RS90060C (36” 12LBS Wide Body)

Plastic Drums and Bases


  • TWO ballasting methods available! - Utilizes an internal snap-on molded rubber base or the PSS patented external tire collar.
  • Over 20 years of Research & Development incorporated into the design and manufacturing of this channelizer drum.
  • Innovative design allows users to attach and remove internal base with ease, yet reduces premature separation!
  • Incorporates same patented break-away system as original.
  • Designed with a flat section which serves as an anti-roll feature when separation occurs from impact.
  • Protect your investment - Intermittent stacking rim helps protect sheeting bands while increasing drum durability.

NEW! Molded Rubber Base:

  • Ribbed bottom for improved stability.
  • Added Versatility - Center hole allows for use with PSS Navigator® & other 42" cones!
  • Nesting feature
  • Two carrying handles

Other Features:

  • Meets all applicable MUTCD specifications.
  • Available with up to five bands of 6 inch sheeting.
  • U.V. stabilized for longer life.
  • Available in a flexible low density or impact resistant high density polyethylene.
  • Intermittent stacking rim prevents overstacking & lock-up.


Lifegard Drum

Rubber collar is virtually indestructible and tougher body survives more impacts. Exterior ballast allows for drive-by inspection. Lifegard's design prevents internal ballasting with unsafe materials. Independent testing shows rubber collars grip road better than slippery plastic bases. Collar weighs approximately 25 pounds vs. 50 pounds of sand needed in many applications. Low center of gravity makes it hard to tip over.


  • Eliminates need for sandbags.
  • Simple assembly and deployment.
  • Cost-effective ballasting, using recycled truck tires.
  • Quick installation minimizes workers' time spent on roadway.
  • No base locking required.
  • Rubber ballast is virtually indestructible.
  • Reduced labor costs for deployment and pick-up.
  • Available in either 4-inch or 6-inch bands in your choice of sheeting.

NCHRP-350 compliant. Meets all relevant MUTCD requirements. No snapping, locking or assembly required. Faster set-up and take-down reduces labor and cuts down dramatically on workers' exposure to traffic danger. Lifegard deploys in half the time.


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