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Glare Screen

Multipiece Vertical Blade Delineator System

Safe-Hit Glarescreen is a vertical blade system used to delineate both temporary and permanent medians. Positioned on the top of median barriers, this system prevents traffic slow downs in work zone areas.

Made of polymeric materials, the blades are flexible, durable and fit into a specially designed plastic blade base and base rail system. The entire system then mounts to the top of median barriers to create a shield for the length of the median. Additionally, reflective sheeting may be applied to the blades.
Features & Benefits:

  • Reduces traffic james in work zones by limiting cross-median visibility.
  • Barrier wall can be relocated without removing the glare screen system.
  • Adapts to any size barrier, both temporary and permanent.
  • Quick and easy installation and replacement.
  • Allows easy access to highway for maintenance or emergency crews.
  • Available in Green, Orange & White.