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Truck Mounted Attenuators

Vorteq™ Trailer TMA

The Vorteq TL-3 Trailer TMA is an innovative attenuator efficiently designed to meet both mandatory & optional NCHRP 350, Test Level 3 requirements. The easy to own and operate Vorteq TL-3 Trailer TMA is lightweight and attaches to most host vehicles with a 20 ton pintle hook and 7 pin electrical connector. Acceptable host vehicle weight is 9960lbs to infinite weight. Super fast attachment means you have full TMA protection in less than a minute. The open frame design means inspection and maintenance is quick & easy.

It's a trailer, so you can safely and affordably provide TMA protection to more of your fleet, including specialty vehicles.

The sleek Vorteq TL-3 Trailer TMA implements innovative multi-stage, tube-in-tube energy absorbing technology that inwardly shapes the steel tubing. This significantly reduces debris scatter thus reducing the potential for secondary accidents. The tube-in-tube design, along with the collapsible forward X-Brace improves structural stability. This efficiently robust design helps ensure years of durable performance.


SST Trailer Safe Stop TMA

The SST TMA is an innovative new concept that is changing how TMAs are used around the world. Speedy attachment mechanisms and heavy duty axle/wheels instead of typical TMA mounting hardware make the SST TMA the best value available today. The proven industry leading Safe-Stop TMA is designed as a trailer giving highway authorities the ability to rapidly deploy and maximize truck fleet utilization, thus lowering overall TMA operating costs. Special anti-rotational dampeners help ensure the SST TMA maintains optimal impact position to help protect impacting vehicles, at the same time protecting the host vehicle. The SST TMA also incorporates nuisance impact protection and has over 50% reusability after design impacts. This means the SST TMA will be back in service quicker with lower maintenance costs. Like all Safe-Stop TMAs, the SST TMA meets all standard and optional NCHRP 350 TL-3 test requirements to provide optimum protection to drivers, equipment, and the public.


Safe Stop 180 TMA

The Safe-Stop TMA with the 180º Tilt feature provides maximum protection with minimal length, weight and height. The 180º Tilt feature makes this TMA the shortest height TMA when in its storage mode, which is ideal for garage storage and low underpasses. The Safe-Stop 180º TMA folds at the center, reducing the total system’s height to just 2.08 m (6’10”) in the storage mode. The two cartridge sections literally stack on top of each other. The Safe-Stop 180º TMA was successfully tested to NCHRP 350 TL-2 (70km/h - 43 mph) criteria when impacted in storage (folded) mode by a 2000 kg pickup truck.


Safe Stop TMA

The Safe-Stop TMA is a totally unique TMA design that provides maximum protection with minimal length and weight. This system measures a compact 3.98 m (13'2") long yet provides NCHRP 350, Test Level 3 TMA protection for design impacts of speeds up to 100 km/h (62 mph). Its two lightweight aluminum cartridges are contained in a reusable steel support frame.


SS90™ HD - Truck Mounted Attenuator

The SS90HD is a heavy duty, potentially reusable truck mounted attenuator (TMA) available for use on stationary or moving shadow/support vehicles. This TMA has passed all mandatory and optional testing and is NCHRP Report 350 Test Level 3 compliant. Additionally, the SS90HD has passed the UK TD 49, 110 km/h (68 mph) test.The unit is comprised of two light-weight aluminum cartridges contained in a potentially reusable galvanized support frame. The SS90HD helps to absorb rear-end impacts at speeds up to 62 mph (100 km/h) when impacted according to NCHRP350 crash test standards.


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