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Radar-Speed Trailer - WSDT-S


The Wanco Radar-Speed Trailer is among today’s most advanced speed-display systems. With changeable speed limit indication and radar-triggered speed display, the Radar-Speed Trailer instructs motorists to slow down by flashing their excessive speed.

Commonly deployed in school zones, construction areas, neighborhoods and high-accident areas, numerous options provide a strong measure of traffic calming unmatched by other roadway signs. Additionally, the trailer’s see-through design makes for safer operation in dangerous high-risk areas, and its solar-powered battery charging system allows longer run times.


  • Optical lenses and sun shades over 18-inch LED characters
  • Clearly displays speed in MPH
  • Regulatory speed limit sign included, choose from a variety of signs
  • Configurable activation, violation, and speed settings
  • Approach-only K-band radar
  • Accepts accessory warning devices such as a strobe light and audio alarm
  • Extended height increases visibility
  • Compact and easily portable
  • Under 1000 pounds, can be towed by most trucks
  • Standard 2-inch ball coupler tow-hitch
  • Quick setup and takedown
  • Charge batteries with solar panel or standard commercial power
  • Locking battery and control boxes


Speed indication:
  • Km/h
Tow hitch:
  • Combo-hitch for 2-inch ball and 3-inch pintle hook
  • Additional batteries, up to six total
Other options:

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